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Welcome to Guitar Lessons Des Moines, where you can not only learn how to play guitar, you can learn and master guitar! Our instructors are here ready to serve you and offer you the best guitar lessons in Des Moines IA.

If you found our page, you first had to have had some questions in your head. Questions like, how much are guitar lessons, are there guitar lessons near me, is there a good guitar teacher in Des Moines IA, are there even any good guitar teachers near me?

Lucky for you you found our site, we have answers to all of those questions and more! Our facility offers the best variety of guitar lessons and always at a wonderful quality.

We offer lessons for beginners and even advanced players. Our lessons range from teenage years as well as adults. We also offer different types of guitar lessons such as electric guitar, bass guitar, and acoustic guitar. It’s no wonder we are so popular!

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About Us

About Guitar Lessons des moines

Our company has served the Des Moines area for years and we are more than happy to serve you too! When you sign up for your first lesson, you have guaranteed yourself that you are on the path to becoming a successfully skilled musician with the guitar.

Our mission is to provide accurate guitar and music knowledge to our students in a fun and relatable manner. We want to make absolutely sure that you are excited to come to your lessons each and every week.

As instructors, we understand the struggle of the first beginning to learn a new instrument. We know it can be tedious at times and frustrating. However, our instructors can help push accountability and independence with our students. We want you to be excited to learn and excited to get home and practice the new skills you learned that day with your instructor.

Why Choose Us?

We understand and teach that there are many benefits to learning an instrument. At Guitar Lessons Des Moines ia we want to share those benefits with everyone, and you are no exception!

There are mental benefits to when you learn guitar to play guitar and other instruments. These benefits can include improved memory, hand-eye coordination, and social opportunities. Your local guitar teachers can help make sure this is accomplished, especially if you are looking to join a band in the near future.

When you learn to play guitar you are a student with us. Your guitar teacher lives by a set of virtues that we believe all successful students should live by, and those virtues are taught to a student whether they realize it or not.

These virtues we live by are:

  • Independence
  • Accountability
  • Perseverance

When you go home after your lessons it is up to you to practice and study. We typically only have half an hour to spend with each student and that is not enough time to master the skills with the guitar.

This requires your independence as a student to go home and practice without a teacher or parents right alongside you to tell you what to practice and when.

As you learn your instrument you must hold yourself accountable for your practice time every day. Whether you are learning a new technique or refreshing your memory for old scales your ability to hold yourself accountable is an absolute necessity when it comes to mastering your guitar.

At times, learning an instrument can be frustrating. Our instructors remember this feeling all too well. There may be times when you are not memorizing a scale quickly enough. Or perhaps there is a new technique you just can’t quite force your fingers to accomplish.

That’s quite all right! That’s what we are here for! However, it is up to you the student to persevere and push through these challenges and come out on top. If you cannot push yourself through, you cannot hope to improve and rise up through these challenges.

What To Expect?

When you come to your very first lesson, this lesson will be a little different from the others in the future. This lesson will be all about our most important person, you! We will spend this time getting to know more about you and discovering your individual needs as a musician and student.

We will ask you questions about what kind of music you mostly listen to. What kinds of songs do you dream of playing one day? What guitar playing experience do you have? Have you ever learned a musical instrument before?

These questions will help us prepare for your future lessons and find a guitar teacher within our facility that best suits your individual needs. Your local Des Moines guitar teacher is sure to have the necessary knowledge and skills to put you on the path to guitar playing success you dream of.

Next, we will discuss what times work best for your lessons. Whether you need time in the afternoon or morning. What day of the week works best for your lesson?

After that, we will review our lesson plans and discuss what you can expect to learn while you continue taking lessons in our facility. This will all be specific to which guitar lessons you choose. If you learn electric guitar there may be an emphasis on learning and writing guitar solos. If you are learning acoustic guitar there may be an added emphasis on learning particular strumming and fingerpicking techniques.

What you can always expect from us, is the same quality instruction and accountability with a smile that so many other students have come to depend on. They have depended on it for years, and we want you to depend on us too.



Below we have our list of all the services we offer at Guitar Lessons Des Moines. Please take a moment to review all of our services and make sure you are getting the best lessons to fulfill your needs.

beginner guitar lessons des moines

Beginner Lessons

Now if you are someone who has never played guitar or any instrument in their life don’t let that discourage you. That’s what our facility was made for! Your local Des Moines guitar lessons guarantee that you will learn more than just advanced techniques!

We can start you off from the very basics. This will build a strong foundation for you as you begin to learn and master advanced techniques.

kids guitar lessons des moines

guitar lessons for kids

If you wondered if we have favorite students, well we do. Sorry parents, but our favorite students are the kids! We feel honored and privileged teaching the next generation of musicians that will one day be filling our radio with new songs.

Our instructors employ fantastic teaching methods when teaching children. Not only do our instructors make the material relatable to children, but they make it fun too! Make sure your child is getting the best of their guitar lessons by signing up for our guitar lessons for kids.

des moines bass guitar lessons

Bass Guitar Lessons

If you are a person that enjoys the rhythm and tempo of a song, have you ever considered learning how to play the bass guitar? Our awesome bass guitar lessons can start at the basics reviewing special strumming techniques. These lessons continue until you can recognize chords, tempo, keys, and so much more!

des moines electric guitar lessons

Electric Guitar Lessons

If you love listening to heavy metal rock music or even slow jazz guitar solos, then our electric guitar lessons are for you! Our instructors will start with the basics from strumming techniques to proper hand placement. They will then teach you subjects such as music theory, scales, and much more! If you dream of playing complex solos and even writing them on the spot then sign up today!

des moines acoustic guitar lessons

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

If you prefer complex chords and the versatility of playing the guitar wherever you go, then our acoustic guitar lessons are perfect for you! With our acoustic guitar lessons, you will learn special strumming techniques, how to play chords, key, and so much more!

Gain the confidence to play in front of friends and family around a campfire or on stage in front of a large crowd. Whatever your goal, our instructors are here to make it happen.

des moines classical guitar lessons

Classical Guitar Lessons

If you have never listened to classical guitar lessons now might be the time. These complex and beautiful songs are fun to listen to and even more fun to play. Our classical guitar lessons will review the basics of guitar but have added lessons specific to classical guitar. Such as playing chords, and playing multiple notes within each of these chords.

des moines guitar lessons for adults

guitar lessons for adults

If you are someone who has played guitar on and off for years, or never played guitar a day in your life but dreamed you could. Then our guitar lessons for adults are for you! Starting in the teenage years and up, we teach beginning adults to adults that have much more experience.

Service Area

About Des Moines

Des Moines is the wonderful capital city of Iowa with a population of 217,891.

Des Moines is known for The Des Moines art center, the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, and Blank Park Zoo.

The recent job market has seen an increase of 2.7% over the last year. The income tax rate rests at 7.4% while the United States average is 4.6%

Surrounding cities include:

  • West Des Moines
  • Ankey
  • Urbandale
  • Johnston
  • Altoona
  • Clive
  • Norwalk
  • Windsor Heights
  • And so many surrounding areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to bring my own guitar to each lesson?

Yes, we ask that you bring your own guitar. One reason being, not all guitars are the same or play the same. The feeling is different with each and every one. When we teach you a new technique, we want you to be comfortable playing with the same instrument at home that you learned with during your lesson.

Will I need to buy guitar picks?

Yes, you will need to purchase guitar picks. Don’t worry they are not at all expensive. If you are new to playing guitar, or with a pick. Then we recommend going to your local music shop and purchasing a large variety of picks ranging in different sizes and gauges. This way you can find what kind of pick best suits you and your individual playing style.

What is a guitar tuner, and will I need one?

A guitar tuner is a piece of equipment that helps to tune your guitar strings to the proper pitch. While we teach you to tune your guitar by ear, we ask you to purchase a tuner as well. Tuning by ear takes time to learn, and we want to make sure you pick up good habits right from the beginning.

Customer Testimonials


I started learning the acoustic guitar a few years ago. I have had so much fun learning a new instrument. I had experience playing piano in the past so the music theory was not at all new to me. However, the experience was different when it came to playing chords. I enjoy playing for friends and my kids before they go to sleep.

Dale H.


I started learning the guitar so I could play with my church. I had never played before in my life but really dreamed of being able to bring my church community together through music. Guitar Lesson Des Moines helped me to gain the confidence I needed to not only try out for the group but I was accepted and now play every week!

Harvey H.


My mom signed me up for guitar lessons years ago when I first started high school. At first, I was hesitant as I had no desire to learn an instrument. I had no idea I could be so wrong. Now I enjoy playing my guitar for hours every single day and it is my favorite hobby. Thanks so much for making my guitar lessons such a fun experience!

Joey K.

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If you are someone who has goals and dreams to learn the guitar. Whether it be for a hobby, to play for friends, or to join a band. Your local Des Moines guitar lessons can help you achieve that goal!

Our instructors at Guitar Lessons Des Moines are here for you! We are standing by to answer your phone calls or greet you at the front door and get you started right away. So please, call us today or stop by our facility to get signed up for your very first guitar lesson. Your guitar future depends on it!

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