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Customer Testimonials


I started learning the acoustic guitar a few years ago. I have had so much fun learning a new instrument. I had experience playing piano in the past so the music theory was not at all new to me. However, the experience was different when it came to playing chords. I enjoy playing for friends and my kids before they go to sleep.

Dale H.


I started learning the guitar so I could play with my church. I had never played before in my life but really dreamed of being able to bring my church community together through music. Guitar Lesson Des Moines helped me to gain the confidence I needed to not only try out for the group but I was accepted and now play every week!

Harvey H.


My mom signed me up for guitar lessons years ago when I first started high school. At first, I was hesitant as I had no desire to learn an instrument. I had no idea I could be so wrong. Now I enjoy playing my guitar for hours every single day and it is my favorite hobby. Thanks so much for making my guitar lessons such a fun experience!

Joey K.

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